Posts from 2017

Posts from 2017

Let’s build a wall!

I built a wall this summer holidays, or more correctly, I, ably assisted by my three children and another teenager, built stage 1 of a retaining wall project to turn my steeply sloping garden of useless grass into a place of three levels with space to sit and space to enjoy God’s creation outdoors. It seemed that any bloke that I spoke to thought it fair game to give me…

The Way Forward

Following the planning day, Archdeacon Jan Crombie was asked by Bishop Philip Huggins to connect with the Bellarine Gateway Parish, to facilitate some positive dialogue addressing the culture of the parish; and our missional aspirations for the parish.

Hopes for Christmas

Our hopes for Christmas when we are young are centered very closely around ourselves and the gifts under the Christmas tree, but as we get older we learn to widen our circle of kindness to include strangers. Despite our own personal circumstances, there are indeed ways in which we can help others who will not be surrounded by friendly faces this Christmas.